Is The God Particle (Anti-Aging-Protandim) a Tim Tebow Secret?

When I discovered that Protandim wiped out one million free radicals per second and that Tim Tebows father was and is a marketing rep for Lifevantage, the makers of Protandim and True Science, I started expecting miracles from Tim Tebow!

When I started taking Protandim, at 65 and practicing the Ancient Tibetan Rites, I was soon jogging Virginia Beach with my wife on my back!

When a business partner shared with me that Shaquille Oneils’s primary care physician was on Lifevantages’ (the makers of Protandim) board of directors, it peaked my interests even more! I then discovered that this product was invented on Dukes campus in the 1978 by Dr. Joe McChord who at 80 years of age is still teaching medicine at The University Of Colorado, at Denver. 

Let me ask you this, is Coach K, aging? Since Coach K. is the winniest coach in NCAA history, does the fact that Protandim has been clinically proven to wipe out the oxidative stress caused by free radicals, which also aids an athlete in recuperating from fatigue 40% faster. Protandim also reduces pain & inflamtion by more than 60%, helpinng an injured athlete heal himself or herself faster!

My personal story is that at 65 I pulled a groin muscle which seems to be a problem for even a 25 year old jock, and a major set back for someone 65! The next day I could pull my knee up to my chest while standing. I must add that a couple days  before, my wife had to help me into bed!

I then took all of these facts and added them to another statistic. Jason Domingo, another marketing rep for Protandim was earning $ix Figure$ per month. He was earning 5 figure$ before the International Olympic Committee said some wonderful things about Protandim!


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I am the Michael Jordan of the Blues. I write lyrics like Michael Jordan moves! Bought a guitar at 30 and me and my muse. Rock the Casbah with my skills and my tools. Cat Stevens said that when he heard me play. He thought That I had something to say! Muddy Waters served me a glass of champagne. I performed at one concert and Eric Clapton came. John Lee Hooker, God Father of the Blues Said that I had paid my dues. When I questioned him and asked was it true? He said Son The People Seem To Like You! I played for 30 years and I didn't give up. Super Hero Music Label liked my stuff. They said my writing skills were way too tough! Some call it Hip Hop Blues because I write in tight tight rhyme but I just think likes this all of the time! .
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